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Marks and Spencer Group plc (commonly abbreviated as M&S or colloquially Marks and Sparks) is a major British multinational retailer with headquarters in London, England, that specialises in selling clothing, home products and food products, mostly of its own label. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 250 Index, having previously been in the FTSE 100 Index from its creation until 2019.

An anonymous user recounts his experience at Marks & Spencer Cafe on the "Reviews io" website, on August 28, 2020:

"Visited M&S cafe at King's Ditch Cheltenham. The entrance was blocked by an assistant wearing hair in a bun. She was filling the drinks cabinet & made no attempt to move her trolley to allow access. When we asked if Cafe was open she gave a Surly "yes" and finally moved trolley. There was only one person in the queue but it took about 10 minutes before we were served. The tables were littered & were not being cleared. Being pensioners & vulnerable to Covid19 we wanted one on the outer edge to feel safe. After idly chatting for some time the lady with hair in a bun sauntered over & started clearing tables for 4 in the middle of the cafe. I politely asked if she could do the table for 2 I was standing by on the edge. She rudely said, "no there are plenty of other tables". I waited patiently. After clearing the middle she then purposely proceeded to the other end of the cafe to us & started cleaning there. As our hot food was going to go cold we were forced to go & sit at a table near the exit which meant everybody came past us on the exit. The very thing we tried to avoid in order to stay safe from Covid19. Having been a loyal customer at M&S ​​for many years we will never visit again. We know M&S is not doing well so can you explain why with so many good unemployed people M&S wish to risk their business still further by having staff who are doing just that."


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Current Employee - Retail Sales Associate says

"Was not the best place at all bad management"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Managers don't care at all about their workers, shift patterns change without us being notified and whenever their is a dispute between manager and customer eventhough the customer is wrong the manager will always be on the customers side"

Current Employee - Section Manager says

"Company is a joke. Would give less than 1 star if I could."

Former Employee - Beauty Advisor says

"Management, pay, leave, attitude, hours"

Former Employee - Cafe Assistant says

"I was forced to leave because I refused to work additional hours on top of my 30 hour contract."

Former Employee - Customer Assistant says

"Horrible working environment for a young person; I was very much othered by older, full-time staff and management were uncaring, condescending, and unhelpful. Some incredibly unpleasant customers."

Current Employee - Sales Associate says

"Abuse of power, management give unfair treatment to there favorites, hard work, no job security, contracts used as weapons, Hostile staff, clicky, full of bullies"

Current Employee - Customer Service says

"Young managers who don’t know what they are doing"

Former Employee - Office Assistant/Customer Service says

"My manager was a bully, she destroys people’s mental health, M&S don’t stand by their bullying policy...nothing appealing about the job whatsoever. DO NOT work here !!"

Former Employee - Sales Associate/Cashier says

"Stand all day, no trainers allows"

Customer Service Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Too many reviews during working career. Only minimal hours given to staff. Some of the managers need a personality implant and think too highly of themselves. Staff discount.Hours abnormally long and antisocial"

Checkout Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Management always spying then jump out and ask why you are talking to a colleague. No opportunity to move on shop floor. Given rota’s for the week then the next day or two they would changeNoneChange of hours last minute- never gave me a weeks notice to leave it was 2 hours"

Directeur adjoint (Former Employee) says

"Oublie cette franchise , aucun sens moral, aucun aspect financier. Aucune fidélité AucunBeaucoup"

Section Coord (Former Employee) says

"It doesn't matter if you are an assistant or a section coordinator you will always be a disposable asset and worked until you drop as long as they have the hours to spare. Overtime is expected during busy periods and if you are on a temporary contract and are hoping for a permanent one you will be expected to work many over your quoted contract with the indication given if you don't then you will never get kept on. Whatever you do is never enough and are never ever supported by your manager even if customers have treated you appallingly. The biggest mistake anyone can make us to become a section co where for £9.99 per hour you are worked into the ground. Nothing is ever good enough with you taking the blame for anything that goes wrong by the department manager whilst they take all the glory if anything goes well. Managers are only ever looking after number 1 with the managers above them doing the same whilst the people beneath them are used, abused and disposed of they they dare to stand up for themselves. It's only when you leave do you really understand how you have been treated and are thankful that's it's all over. I hated the place when I left and just cannot recommend it as an acceptable place to work.Discount and staff roomThe culture"

Sales assistant/Cashier (Current Employee) says

"Useless ignorant management, if your face fits you can get away with anything if not they treat you like trash .they demand that you work nearly double your contracted hours change your shifts at short notice,you can be starting at 4am or finishing at 10pm avoid at all costs worse job ever biggest mistake i ever made was starting there dont make the same mistakeNonNumerous"

Customer assistant (Former Employee) says

"Αναφέρομαι στα Mark's της Καβάλας. Τα άτομα είναι λίγα, όχι αντίστοιχα των τετραγωνικών του πολυκαταστήματος. Οι υπεύθυνες (πλην μίας) καθώς και οι ευνοούμενές τους σε ένα μόνιμο διάλειμμα. Η "εκπαιδεύτρια" σε "εκπαιδεύει" κάνοντας σου γυμνάσια, προσβάλλοντας και μειώνοντας τον νέο της υφιστάμενο. Οι διοίκηση (τοπική και κεντρική) εθελοτυφλεί. προβάλλοντας σε και καιΔιακρίσεις, κακή συμπεριφορά προϊσταμένων, bullying"

Section Co-Ordinator (Current Employee) says

"If you’re looking to put everything you have into a career and receive nothing back apart from betrayal, sign up now, this place will suit you to the ground!20% staff discountNo support, negative environment"

Satış danışmano (Former Employee) says

"Akbatı mağaza müdürü olan Hanımın adaletsiz davranışları ve iş ahlakı olmayışı sebebiyle işten ayrıldım ve kesinlikle emeğiniz karşılığını maaş olarak vermiyorlar"

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"They treat staff like garbage...and please do not forget about those 'creepy' male section managers that get their rocks off by ordering all the pretty girls around by trying to be in charge!! And what about those 'weird' managers that ask to search you constantly with their litle creepy powers that they do not even have!! Worse company to work for in the whole retail world..What happened to you 'Marks & Spencers'!!???None.Never pay the overtime unless you ask!!"

Customer Service Assistant (Current Employee) says

"Badly managed internally. No clear instructions by a single person. Micromanaged by rude managers. No help from HR or head office. Those complaining face consequences.Staff discountToxic gossip culture within stores which includes Bullying and Harassment by Managers."

Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Very poor company to work for , customer service is not something they care about the bottom line is money , they don’t care about their staff we are just an employee number to them , I went through a horrific experience there"

Store Operations (Current Employee) says

"Ever wanted a life of long shifts, dangerous and stressfull work and little to no pay/respect? Then a career in store ops is for you. Seriously would not recomend to my worst of enemeies. Ive had to take holiday time to sit exams, had no social life due to the ridiculous demands of shifts, and family emergencies and declining mental health are nothing but an inconvenience to the managers. In a word... Tartarus"

Customer Assistant (Former Employee) says

"There awful bullies they pay minimum wage the boss is sleeping with the staff the supervisor still food alcohol money. The boss fiddles they wages they don’t in courage staff to be friendsNothingBullying lazy management thieving"

Barista (Former Employee) says

"The black female manager was really unfriendly and extremely distant from me.Lisa was fine. The black female manager made me UNCOMFORTABLE and RACIST."

Retail Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Worked at M&S Prestwich for 8 good years. They then put a manager in place who was/is a tyrant. Dint listen, gave warnings for helping customers.Bullied all members of staff. Within 6 months of starting he had bullied out at least 20 members of staff. Themanagment have no transparancy and lie all the time."

Visual Merchandiser (Current Employee) says

"poor management, poor communication skills, forget it if you want to leave unless you have savings. They pay you in advance which is ridiculous. Wanting to leave the company but having to save shed loads for the privilege. Rate of pay is one of the worst in the high street. Be prepared to do more than just 1 persons job. Managers are absent 99% of the time. Be prepared to do a supervisor and manages role and not get paid for it. They use and abuse staff."

Section Manager (Former Employee) says

"I would avoid working for this company if you want to progress quickly and have no work life balance. They have a culture of if your face fits then you are ok"

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Wasn’t good, managers bullied me for a serious illness which has classed me as disabled, low hours contract, not a nice place to work for in general, bad money and not any overtime."

Marks & Spencer (Former Employee) says

"Used to be a good place to work git rid of all older staff who enjoyed working and made a difference now just full of management who don’t know what there doing do not work here it is dreadful do not care at all about staff"

Trainee Commercial Manager (Former Employee) says

"Management is full of bullies who hide in the office and refuse to listen to staff, they demand changes yet make no time or assist us with ensuring these changes can be made in time. They will harass you with phone calls and change your shifts without telling you and then give you a "warning" for their poor communication skills, the benefits are terrible as well. Poorly organised and the store itself is going downhill dangerously fast. There is very little support if you have an illness (physical or mental) and they will find any (and I truly mean any) excuse to ignore you when you offer suggestions or want to talk to management about issues you may have. They fail to answer the phone when you call them but have no problem calling you 5 x a day (even when it's your day off). Terrible company, terrible management."

Adam says

"The store on Grafton Street is awful. They have their front doors wide open and no greeters, but when you walk in there are shrill hags who will chase you down and scream at you WE\'RE CLOSED! at 1:00 PM on a weekday. Apparently somebody forgot to put up the rope barrier between the door and the clothing section, because it seems that only the Food Hall is open. Be nice if the door greeters were doing their job instead of having a gossip in the corner. I seriously object to being SHOUTED AT by store employees. Even when you can buy clothing, they put things in the front window display that are SOLD OUT in the store. And no, they will not sell you the clothing off the mannequin. Seriously, don\'t put stuff in the window that you don\'t have in stock. It pisses customers off. Same thing with the Food Hall, they leave up SALE signs for wine that are long sold out. Thanks for teasing me, wankers. I am forever bending down to the bottom shelf to grab a bottle of something marked Clearance, only to find it\'s empty. Take your damn signs down if you don\'t have the product in stock. Bloody lazy."

Kennie Laking says

"Yet again I’m left feeling very angry with this pathetic company. The customer service is diabolical. Waiting for another delivery that has not turned up and only dispatched today. Almost every time I have ordered anything online there is always a massive delay items constantly waiting for dispatch. Why can’t you cancel the item. Take your money then refuse to give you it back before waiting endlessly waiting for the items you have bought. If you continue to treat customers in this way they will just go elsewhere. Constant hassle trying to find out where your items are. My advice is think before you buy from M &S and do you need the frustration of dealing with such incompetent Mannequins. There is no excuse for the constant pathetic service even if you are reassured by the ceo office. They reel you in with the sparks offers then don’t deliver. Funny that don’t deliver. My advice shop with you feet and go elsewhere. Premium prices with a non existent service."

Elsie says

"M&S was always a good place to shop but their on line shop is atrocious. The website lets you put things in the basket then without warning removes items during checkout. I ended up being charged for postage because the removal of an item brought the value of the order below the minimum for free postage. I was able to cancel the order but it was so annoying! I returned items from an order on 18 December and I’m still waiting for a refund! I’ve sent the customer service team details of the Hermes tracking which shows the item as ‘we’ve got it’. I assume they have a backlog of returns to process from Christmas but I expect better from M&S. The transfer of their food ordering to Ocado is another disaster. No chance of getting a delivery to my area and the option to collect a small selection of items from the store has been removed. In the current climate we are all relying on online shopping more than ever so we need better than this level of service. They need a good shake up!"

Tony Carter says

"Trying to order a pair of shorts through your website and it says it’s in stock, go to pay and it says it’s out of stock... it’s either in stock or out of stock... your site does not say a true stock levels.. this happens too many times when ordering through you.. totally wasting my time..😡😡😡😡 Pathetic Company....."

Penny Beresford says

"I am so stressed I have sat and cried. M & S customer service is the worst I have ever experienced, going round and round on automated web chat and automated phone service which doesn't understand what you want. I placed an order which I had to cancel because I realised something I ordered was the incorrect size. I used both promotion voucher and reward vouchers to the value of £28. I cancelled the order within the deadline of 30 mins and then re-did the order. But this time it would not accept codes for either reward vouchers or promotion vouchers, so I appear to have lost £28. I have tried for two hours to speak to someone on web chat or someone on the phone. I have literally sat and cried. The service is just so bad."

Rachel Eaton says

"Such a poor customer service over an hour on hold to try and make a complaint after my order was cancelled never shopping with them again terrible service"

MR M says

"I have been shopping at M&S for many years and do all of my my food shopping with them as well as online clothes shopping. On multiple occasions I have ordered clothes etc to be delivered to store and received no notification they have arrived so on occasions have missed collections so the items get returned. MONEY IS NOT RETURNED AUTOMATICALLY ! , I have had the same issues with returned items and no refunds. Multiple calls to M&S customer services have led to frustration and still no refund I am at a loss as to how to get my money back. It is also important to note that you will not be able to speak to anyone in the UK and only call centres outside the UK which adds an unneccesary layer of difficulty to the situation. I will as a result of this experience be taking my business elsewhere. I have written off the £100 owed to me as I am not giving anymore of my time to deal with this issue."

Gary Charles Lewis says

"Tried the king prawn curry thankfully put extra king prawns 🍤 in the M&S prawns with absolutely shocking tough and minuscule they weren’t just *****they were marks and Spencer’s ******👎👎"

Dog says

"Ordered a caterpillar cake hamper online - when it came it wasn’t like the pictures and not in a nice gift bag but a 80p shopping bag - then the cake squashed when deliver and it tasted very stale which they didn’t like - it was that bad my family walked to Asda to get a £5 caterpillar cake which tasted better - and mine was £30 with a couple of bags of sweets thrown in worth £3.90 - even charged me £5 to ship it and it was squashed - spoiled a birthday"

Inma Gordon says

"My daughter bought for Christmas M&S Swiss Dark Chocolate. I trusted the product which is supposed to be soft but found a significant stone which has broken my wisdom tooth and my root canal treatment. Major disappointment for which I will seek compensation"

Suzanne Laidlaw says

"I visited the Broadfields food hall yesterday and to my horror there was a staff member not wearing a mask , touching her face, teeth and mouth then touching food , she was talking to other staff member without concern for spread. I’ve been trying to discuss this issue with customer services who have told me a manager will contact me within 48 hours. This must be addressed now for safety. Thanks Suzanne Laidlaw"

Jill says

"My Sister gave me an e gift card for M&S for my birthday. The first issue I had was that anything I wanted was out of stock. I then finally found something in stock, went to the checkout and couldn't checkout as the page was so jumpy and wouldn't let me select boxes or change information. I logged in and out; removed items from the basket and even tried on a desktop site incase this was the problem. After two days of this I have given up. This is the 3rd unpleasant experience I've had this year. One was with a clothes ordered being delivered weeks late and the other when buying food or trying to....the dates are always for that day or next. Get a grip M&S you are not providing an even average service anymore."

Pat Hunter says

"Petite offer"

Never Mind says

"Rude and arrogant staff. Refused service because I don’t wear a mask due to a serious condition. I have an exemption. Nobody has the right to ask me what my illness is... So refusing someone service due to a disability is classed as a hate crime. These are the government’s guidelines but M&S staff seem to know better. The court will decide. I will never step foot in M&S again."

Larry says

"Nearly everything I have tried to order recently I get through to checkout the item and guess what - they don’t have it. This time I wanted to send a gift card and got through to the checkout and to my surprise managed to place the order. 30 minutes later I get an email to say sorry we have had to cancel your order as the item is unavailable. There web site is dreadful, one of the worst I have used. I won’t be using it again as it’s a waste of time."

Iain says

"Having placed my order on 4th January to collect in store I have been told collection date is 22nd January. I tried to expedite it but their dysfunctional system ensures you give up in frustration, Never again !"

cristine says

"Customer service is letting M&S down in my opinion. For my latest online order - a fairly simple one consisting of 4 pairs of trousers and a set of towels - it arrived in three parcels but the invoices didn't individually match the parcels they were in. After much head-scratching I found the proper invoice online which I copied and enclosed with the return, explaining as best I could what had happened. I enclosed the two invoices I had been sent so they could see the evidence. I returned 3 out of 4 pairs of trousers - therefore kept one pair and the towels. They have credited me for 2 pairs of trousers and the towels, leaving me £7 short. I suppose that getting it wrong is just about forgivable as clearly they are probably under pressure with the pandemic - but what are computers for?! Much worse is the hour I have spent trying to contact them - a simple email link would have done as I wasn't after an immediate answer, but that doesn't appear to exist. An opportunity to chat came online so I tried to use that. Quite impossible - it wouldn't allow me to type beneath the advisor which is how most online chats work. I typed in a space next to it but that wandered beneath the chat box so I couldn't see what I had written. eventually the web box asked whether I would like to speak to an advisor to which I replied yes. This led nowhere also. It told me I had left the chat when I deleted the box - what chat?? Eventually I typed the whole lot in the 'comments' box and sent it. Who knows - will anyone pick it up? I cannot find an email or postal address at the moment - they will be cunningly disguised I am sure. I am somewhat resigned to losing my money. What a shame - I am so disappointed at how M&S has changed beyond recognition in the past twenty years - its clothes are uninspiring and its values of service seem to have been abandoned way back."

Susan Stretten says

"I received one of the led light up candles for Christmas.. stunning, original, beautiful.......and short lived waste of money.... LOADS of wasted wax left around the edge of the candle it will not re light.....what a disappointment, what a shame....must improve this candle m and s..when it works it's a winner..."